Time to celebrate

We have something to celebrate! After years of helping Hashimoto’s patients in her practice, Dr. Anna Huysse wanted to make accessible the knowledge and expertise she has been sharing with people who came to visit her in her practice. In this way, Hashimoto.Help was born: offering evidence-based online services to Hashimoto’s patients at any stage of the disease.

One of the online programs ‘Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’s heart’ has been scientifically tested for efficiency in collaboration with Thyroid UK and Maastricht University, The Netherlands. We are so glad to hear how profoundly the program influenced the lives of people who participated in the study. Just for 6 weeks!

Some days ago, Dr. Anna Huysse presented the study results at a conference at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The results will be published in a high impact journal in 2020.

You can have a look below on the graph demonstrating the symptoms measured before (blue) starting ‘Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’s heart’ program  and afterwards (orange).

Are you ready?

– to step in your energy

– to learn evidence based techniques which will accompany you and secure more fulfilling and balanced life

We want to offer to 50 persons a great opportunity to join ‘Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’s heart’ with Dr. Anna Huysse as a trainer.

Are you ready to take the next step in your healing?

And this is not all. We want to offer a discount of 30 %. This gives you discount of 149,10.

 Hurry up, the offer expires on 24th October Reserve your place directly here  and make use of coupon Celebrate2019.

We are born to live, not just survive.

With love, Hashimoto.Help team

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