Subclinical thyroid disorder and anxiety











Important complications of the subclinical thyroid dysfunction are related to cardiac, bone metabolism and neuropsychiatric disorders. Two-thirds of patients with thyroid disease are reporting having psychiatric disorders. Subclinical thyroid disorders may cause anxiety.
A study issued at Endocrine Journal studied if there is a relation between the subclinical thyroid dysfunction and anxiety. Scientists refer to subclinical thyroid disorders when fT3 and fT4 are in a normal range. Patients were divided in three groups: 1) subclinical hyperthyroid with TSH lower than 0.1 mU/L, 2) subclinical hypothyroid with TSH higher than 4.5 mU/L and 3) those with normal functioning thyroid gland (euthyroid).
The results of this study show that both the subclinical hyperthyroid and hypothyroid patients have higher anxiety scores than euthyroid patients.

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