Social environment switches on DNA

For long the belief that humans inherit DNA from their parents and that DNA remains largely unchanged over lifetime has been dominant.

The new research in Human Social Genomics is showing evidence that this belief is wrong. Changes in the expression of hundreds of genes can occur as a function of the physical and social environments. DNA is coded for the production of a extensive variety of proteins that affect human functioning. Though the genetic code does not always result in the production of these proteins.

Different social environmental conditions can turn on or off those genes. Moreover, peoples’ subjective perceptions of those social environment plays more important role than the objective facts. Some social environmental factors, e.g social isolation and rejection, can influence the activity of broad sets of hundreds of genes.

We may carry the genes predisposing us to develop an autoimmune disease but having supportive social environmental factors can protect us, by switching off those genes. Or vice versa.
What do you think are the social environmental factors which switched on DNA that led to an autoimmune disease in your case?

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