Memory and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is considered to have detrimental effects on the brain and consequently on the memory. There is controversial evidence that the treatment of hypothyroidism may be associated with definite recovery of overall neurocognitive functioning.
Currently published study on memory and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis under levothyroxine treatment, examines healthy participants with positive instructions, healthy participants with negative instructions, Hashimoto patients with positive instructions, and Hashimoto patients with negative instructions.
The study did not detect any baseline cognitive decrements in middle-aged women with Hashimoto who are under chronic LT4 treatment, as any possible memory deficits due to prior hypothyroidism are largely reversible with the treatment. Though, the study detects a number of clear changes in the memory function of women with Hashimoto under LT4 treatment, as well as in healthy women, when they are told that administered treatment or sugar tablets can improve/decrease their memory function, accordingly.
When we have negative expectation, the treatment causes more negative effect than it otherwise would.
Our expectancies about the treatment/medication can exhibit results.
How your expectations from your treatment influence the outcomes?

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