Hashimoto: reset your immune system

The first training from the series ‘Hashimoto: reset your immune system’ is now available online: Hashimoto’s heart.

A mixture of many factors is often the cause of misbalance and autoimmune diseases as Hashimoto. The last scientific insights show us that consciousness and emotions are states of the body, in particular, the immune system. This training is not about medical tests, medicines, supplements, and healthy diet. It is not about what we eat but what is eating us.

This training is for those, as YOU:

1) who are curious to learn what the last science has to teach us related to autoimmune diseases and true balance

2) who have the courage to listen to their inner voice telling them that healing is an inner job and is possible

3) who are committed to help themselves and others suffering from autoimmune disease to restore their health

We are born to live, not just survive!

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P.S. The music of Ann Mortifee has companied my own journey and this of many of my clients. I am very  grateful to Ann for allowing me to use her music.  www.annmortifee.com

‘Dear Anna, I am happy to know that my music has been useful for your work. If it make even one person feel more connected with themselves, I am grateful. Blessings on your good work. Ann’

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