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Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions related to participation in our online Training and Consulting. 

Article 1 – Definitions
• Hashimoto.help: user of these Terms and Conditions, who may also be referred to as “we”, “us” and/or “our”.
• Website: the domain https://hashimoto.help and all pages governed under this domain as stated in our Privacy Policy.
• Administrator: the party responsible for maintenance of the Website.
• Privacy Policy: Hashimoto.help’s statement regarding any personal information the Participant provides to Hashimoto.help. The Privacy Policy is to be found at https://hashimoto.help/private-policy-website/.
• Disclaimer: Hashimoto.help’s statement regarding the information on and use of the Website. The Disclaimer is to be found at https://hashimoto.help/disclaimer/.
• Training: Hashimoto.help’s online training course, to be found on its website.
• Consulting: Hashimoto.help’s online consulting, to be found on its website.
• Voice Research: Hashimoto.help’s online voice research programme, to be found on it’s website.
• Agreement: the contract that exists between the Participant and Hashimoto.help regarding participation in Training, Consulting and/or Voice Research.
• Participant: the individual taking part in Hashimoto.help’s Training course, who may also be referred to as “he”, “his” and/or “him”. 

Article 2 – Relevance
These Terms and Conditions apply to use of our Website, participation in our Training and/or Consulting courses. However, for Voice Research we use a separate set of Terms and Conditions which are related to this one, but not indicated as the same. 

Article 3 – Links
With regard to links on the Website, we refer you to our Privacy Policy. Please note that you will use them at your own risk. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to any of the linked websites. 

Article 4 – Agreement
The Participant is legally bound to an Agreement. The Participant enters the Agreement only when registering to take part in our Training course and/or our Consulting course. After entering the Agreement, the Participant receives a confirmation of his participation via the provided e-mail address. In this confirmation, the Participant will be presented the possibility to create its own username and password for access to our Website. For any further information regarding your credentials, we refer to article 9. Also we advise to take notice of our Privacy Policy. Please note that the defining terms of participation will be included in the Agreement, not in these Terms and Conditions. 

Article 5 – Credentials
We do not have access to the Participant’s credentials. These credentials lie solely with the Administrator of the Website. However, for any questions regarding these credentials feel free to contact us. 

Article 6 – Cancellation
In the event the Participant is unsatisfied with the content of our Training and/or Consulting, he has the right to cancel its Agreement. However, cancellation is only possible if the following conditions are met. The Participant informs Hashimoto.help of his intention to cancel the Agreement within fourteen (14) days of entering the Agreement. In order for the cancellation to be valid, it is necessary that the Participant has fulfilled the parts that were requested of him during the first fourteen (14) days of the Agreement.
Hashimoto.help reserves the right to cancel the Agreement at all times, but will only do so if there are weighty reasons for cancellation. 

Article 7 – Refunds
In the event of a cancellation of the Agreement by either the Participant or Hashimoto.help, any received payments will be refunded for the parts that have been cancelled in accordance with article 6.
The refund will be provided the same way the payment has been received. For example, if the payment was received by bank transfer, the refund will occur by bank transfer as well. 

Article 8 – Payments
We need to have received the Participants payment in order for him to be allowed participation into the Training and/or Consultation courses. If no payment has been received within seven (7) days after entering the Agreement, we reserve the right to reject the Participants application. 

Article 9 – Liability
We do not accept any liability above the amount insured by our liability insurance regarding physical damage, psychological disorders of any sort, any damage to property or any other form of damage that may occur during our Training and/or Consulting courses. The above also applies to use of the Website. In the event of damage to property, resulting from use of the Website, we refer you to our Disclaimer.
Should our Training and/or Consulting courses not follow the letter of the Agreement, we do not accept responsibility for claims above the amount insured by our liability insurance. Furthermore, if our Training and/or Consulting courses do not match the Participant’s expectations we exclude our liability as well for claims above the amount insured by our liability insurance. 

Article 10 – Cures
We do not guarantee a cure or improvement of health conditions for any of the Participants. Therefore, the Participant has no right to claim a cure, an improvement of health condition or any such thing, from Hashimoto.help. Despite this, we are committed to help you to the best of our abilities. Also, we would like to once again draw attention to the fact that all our Training and/or Consultation courses are evidence based. 

Article 11 – Changes
We reserve the right to make changes in our Training and/or Consultation courses, as well as these Terms and Conditions. Should we do so, rest assured that we will notify the Participant. In doing so, we will always provide the Participant with the changed document so that he can agree to the changes. In the event the Participant does not agree to any changes made, and in doing so waving the renewed Terms and Conditions, Hashimoto.help reserves the right to cancel the Agreement. 

Article 12 – Intellectual property
Our Training and Consulting courses, as well as the Website, are protected by intellectual property as governed by Dutch law. Should anyone copy, sell, distribute or lease any intellectual property owned by us to third parties, without explicit permission granted by us, we are hereby permitted to fine them for any damage caused by the infringement. 

Article 13 – Complaints
We are committed to make sure our Training and/or Consulting courses have a high quality standard. Despite our best efforts to uphold this standard, the Participant reserves the right to file a complaint. We will always review this complaint in a serious matter and try to respond appropriately within a reasonable timespan.
The Participant is free to file this complaint in the shape he sees fit. We will use the same medium to respond. 

Article 14 – Governing law
These Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law. In the case of any disagreement with us, the procedure will follow the rules as stated in the Dutch law. Our procedures will take place at Rechtbank Limburg, located in the courthouse of Maastricht. In principle this will be the judge of choice, however some restrictions in Dutch law may require us to litigate before a different judge.


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