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Emotions and hormones go hand in hand. I would like to share with you a technique developed by HeartMath institute called Cut-Thru. The heart has its own independent nervous system, with at least 40 thousand neurons, called heart brain.  When heart thythms are more coherent, neural and biochemical events occur which affects every organ in the human body. Heart feelings affect bith autonomic nervous systems: sympathetic (speeding the heart rate, stimules the release of stress hormoens) and parasympathetic (slows heart rate and relaxes the body’s inner systems). Cut-Thru technique uses the power of your heart to bring emotions to balance and erase emotional blocks from the past.

By making use of this technique you can cut-thru emotions as: exhaustion/fatigue, grief, worry, anger, pain, feeling overwhelmed, fear, guilt, and self-blame.

This technique has six steps:

  1. become aware of how do you feel about the issue at hand
  2. Give your full attention to your heart area and breath love through the heart area
  3. think about the issue at hand as if it was someone else’s problem
  4. Rest in neurtral
  5. Soak any disturbed feelings in the heart. Stay in this stage as long as you need.
  6. Ask your heart for a guidance or insight. You may not get your answer immediately. Find something to appreciate for a while.

Repeat these steps as many times as you need. Some issues take more heart soak time to mature, be understandood and released.

Cut-Thru technique is an excellent active way to release overwhelm, overcare, and over-attachment to outcomes. Based on research findings, when practicing for a month on a regular basis Cut-Thru technique, you can expect increase of 100 % of DHEA level and decrease of 23 % of cortisol level.

Please, share below your experience with Cut-Thru technique.

With love fom Hashimoto’s heart to Hashimoto’s heart,







Childre, D., Martin, H., & Beech, D. (1999). The HeartMath Solution: The Institute of HeartMath’s Revolutionary Program for Engaging the Power of the Heart’s Intelligence: Harper Collins Publishers.

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