Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’s gut

After fifteen years of working successfully with many autoimmune patients and scientific investigation, I decided to combine all the expertise I gained to help as many people as possible. ‘Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’gut’ program represents all the steps that would have been taken when working in a one-on-one consultation with me in my practice.

The focus of the ‘Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’gut’ program is on both environmental and distress factors while working holistically on body, mind, and spiritual levels. The 12 weeks protocol is presented. How to use the short version of 3 weeks is also elaborated in the program.

Following the program will:

  • decrease of the inflammation and toxicity in your mind and body
  • improved vitamin and mineral absorption
  • figure out your body unique sensitivities
  • balance your hormones

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