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Patients with autoimmune disease have a different response to stress. They register more stress.

This program will step by step teach you reprogramming the system and neurobiology, psychological and physiological changes will take place.
The immune system will balance.

You will get yourself back, feeling energetic and vital.

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  1. The program delivered even more than it’d promissed. With its very clear scheme, I could figure out to which food my body is sensitive. I haven’t felt so energized from years. I can think clearly and there is no sign left of the brain fog. And without any diet, I could say goodbuy to 5 kg. This is the best investment decision I’ve ever made.

  2. I’m very satisfied with this program for many reasons: It gave me my energy back after more than a year of constant tiredness. It made me lose 4.5 kilos, weight I can easily do without. It balanced my mood, I got rid of the irritability which had been bothering me for many months. And probably most important: I have had over a year of struggles to get my TSH down. When I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, my TSH was at 27. I started taking hormones which have been slowly increased over the past year but my last blood test, before I started the program showed my TSH still at 5. My dr. proposed to up the dose once more but I refused and said that instead, I preferred trying the Scaret Time program. Four weeks later, my hormone levels were at 0.88. What a fantastic help this has been!

  3. I have followed the program more than once, since it was introduced to me. The program is well developed with clear instructions and weekly plan, hence, it is easy to follow. I really felt the cleansing effect of the program and it actually helped to lose some weight. Listing the supplements helped a lot. Since the program is designed to connect the body and mind, it really helps to be aware of what is going on inside me at different levels. The only challenge I faced was the difficulty to stick to mostly soup and vegetables for a long period of time (several weeks). Overall, I am very happy with this program and will repeat it at least twice a year!

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