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In the west we make medical diagnosis by following a process of determining which disease explains person’s symptoms. And this process works well in many instances. However, there are cases when symptoms can be nonspecific, do not make sense, come and go and the period before the disease occurs (subclinical phase) can last as long as 10 years. This is a feature of many organ-specific autoimmune diseases, as Hashimoto thyroiditis. Hashimoto thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition where body attacks thyroid gland. This can lead to hypothyroidism when body cannot produce enough thyroid hormones anymore. As for all other autoimmune diseases there is no cure available yet. During the period of slowly development of the disease (see the chart below: from phase 1 to phase 4):

  • patients are often diagnosed with psychiatric disorders (phase 2) and many of the drugs prescribed can even trigger an autoimmune storm
  • simply asked to come back after some time for new blood work and ‘wait and see’ approach is applied (phase 3)
  • disease is often only diagnosed when severe damage to the thyroid tissue is done, when 75-90 % of the thyroid is destroyed (phase 4) . Keep in mind that Hashimoto thyroiditis is often not diagnosed at all and that above 95 % of hypothyroidism (slow function of thyroid gland) is caused by Hashimoto thyroiditis.

Dr. Anna Huysse, the founder of Hashimoto.Help, has written a write paper on psychiatric complaints as a sign of autoimmunity at earlier stages of Hashimoto’s and the importance of intervening as early as possible by autoimmune diseases, in particular Hashimoto thyroiditis.

Click to dowdload the white paper: White paper The train of autoimmunity

There is a need to recognize and intervene early in the onset of disease. The top expert in autoimmunity, Dr. Noel Rose, uses autoimmunity train metaphor to bring attention to the fact that if we want to be able to understand and do something about autoimmune conditions, as Hashimoto’s, we should identify those at risk and intervene even before any symptoms are present (phase 1). We should step at the train at the beginning. The online quiz © will give you indication of the risk to develop Hashimoto thyroiditis. After answering the questions you will get results as an estimate of the risk and an advice how to proceed from there. Click on the button below to make the quiz and get an accurate estimate of your risk to develop Hashimoto thyroiditis. Step in the train on time.

* Please, have in mind that the quiz is not a diagnostic tool. It just screening the chance that you may develop an autoimmune condition, Hashimoto thyroiditis in particular. The screening via this quiz do not allow one to say precisely which person will develop Hashimoto thyroiditis. This quiz is not meant to replace a proper medical help. Please, refer to medical professionals for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding your medical care.

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