Thyroid medication intake


Levothyroxine sodium is widely prescribed to treat hypothyroidism. For long there is an agreement that levothyroxine should be taken before breakfast in order to prevent its interference with food or other medications. Some hypothyroid patients, despite taking thyroid medication, still report unbalanced thyroid hormone levels.

A Randomized Double-blind study shows that Levothyroxine when taken at bedtime, at least 2 hours after dinner, significantly improves thyroid hormone levels. When levothyroxine was taken at bedtime, the plasma thyrotropin level significantly decreased and free thyroxine (FT4) and triiodothyronine (T3) levels increased. This can be explained by better gastrointestinal bioavailability at night or by less uptake interference by food or medications. Besides, after the study completion, more than half of the patients still preferred bedtime intake of levothyroxine.

Please, if you consider to start talking your medication at bedtime, consult and discuss this option with your physician first.

For those of you who already take their medication at bedtime: what is your experience?

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