Reset Your Immune System: Hashimoto’s Heart

Welcome to the most exciting, sophisticated and evidence-based transformational program available for Hashimoto’s today. For long, mind and body, individual and environment, have been seen as separated. This training takes the psychoneuroimmunology perspective. This perspective is based on the fundamental unity of the bodily systems. And these systems function to help you stay healthy. The immune system […]

Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’s gut

After fifteen years of working successfully with many autoimmune patients and scientific investigation, I decided to combine all the expertise I gained to help as many people as possible. ‘Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’gut’ program represents all the steps that would have been taken when working in a one-on-one consultation with me in my practice. The focus of […]

Risk assessment

This evidence-based online tool will help you estimate the risk just within some minutes and show you in which stage of Hashimoto’s you most likely are.

Hashimoto Community

Take responsibility for your own health Test at home (no traveling) Clear instructions Quick, clean and painless procedure Confidential online test results Professional advice by a team specialized in autoimmunity and Hashimoto’s Guaranteed test quality

Online Consultation

I am suffering from non-specific complaints and wandering ‘What is going on with me?’ I want to get advice on which blood tests to order I need help in the interpretation of blood tests results I want to get the most out of Hashimoto.Help online programs I would like an individualized plan created for me […]

Testing (Partially free)

Gat yourself back!This program will:– decrease of the inflammation and toxicity– get rid of excessive body fluid and fat– get rid of the brain fog– help you figure out your unique body sensitivities Blood tests are curently available for residents of the Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA. Please, click on one of the links below: […]

Online Training programs

Patients with autoimmune disease have a different response to stress. They register more stress. This program will step by step teach you reprogramming the system and neurobiology, psychological and physiological changes will take place.The immune system will balance. You will get yourself back, feeling energetic and vital. Reset your immune system: Hashimoto’s gut: register now […]

Food supplements

Carefully selected for you to ensure you have extra support needed. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives and GMO’s. Vitamine C-1000 ascorbinezuur Supplementing with vitamin C by Hashimoto thyroiditis patients shows improvement in TSH, T3, T4 concentration. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to decrease oxidative stress on the […]

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