What does coffee mean for a person with Hashimoto’s?

What does coffee mean for a person with a chronic condition as Hashimoto’s? We love coffee, need it for its taste and stimulating qualities. It brings us energy and helps us keep going when we are tired.

Though, coffee can be bad for Hashimoto’s because it:

  • Influences the absorption of thyroid medication

Food can impair the absorption of thyroid hormones. This is the reason why it is recommended to take thyroid medication on an empty stomach an hour before your breakfast.

Coffee can weaken the absorption of thyroid medications. If you are considering taking a cup of coffee make sure that you spaced it out from thyroid medication.


Coffee stimulates the adrenal glands. With every cup of coffee fight-or-flight response is activated as if we are in danger. The stress hormone cortisol is released after consuming coffee. Avoid drinking coffee in order to gain energy or keep working when you are tired.

  • Coffee has a different effect on autoimmune diseases: it protects developing Multiple sclerosis but increases the risk developing diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Caffeine can be found also in green, black, matcha tea, soda, and Yerba Mate
  • Gluten is both a trigger and an initiator of intestinal permeability. Coffee may be contaminated with gluten. Most often this is seen by instant coffee
  • Some brands of coffee may contain mold, which can damage our health

Everyone is different. Take some weeks coffee free. Observe and listen to YOUR own body response.



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